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because its fun to share!

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We're here because we're lucky and have found some interesting media files and we think every fan should have them, so we share!


+ No need to be harsh with other members, nor do we tolerate exesive cursing (taking as exessive when we can't tell if you're talking or insulting us :D)

+ No hotlinking outside the community, please. Some people who will be sharing files will use their domain's space or something, and we don't want to kill their servers, don't we?

+ If you think the file you want to share is too special or you don't want everybody who just casualy bumps into the community and don't share to download your file, you're free to post in a friends only mode

+ If you decide to download a file, it will be nice if you post a commet saying you downloaded it and maybe it also will be fine if you want to share what did you think about it

+ In order to post a new file, you have to fill the next form so we can know what your file is... so we won't download files we already have and take downoad.chances from someone else:
File Type:
Size (MB):
Running Time:

+ Have fun!

+ Where to upload files?
+ YouSendIt.com tutorial by legionpossessed
+ Why isn't YSI working?
+ Why can't I download my files properly when using Netscape?

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Inspired by placebomedia, most rules borrowed from them as well, but we got the okay, and so do you because we feel it would be neat for all artist to have a community like this <3