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Rufus Wainwright Media [entries|friends|calendar]
Rufus Wainwright Media

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Les Feux D'Artifice T'Appellent [04 Aug 2010|02:13pm]

Hey fellow Rufus nuts-

Does anybody out there have the UK exclusive alternate version of "Les Feux D'Artifice T'Appellent"? It's available on the UK digipack release and you can download it on amazon.co.uk but not living in the UK, I can't get that. So I thought I'd try here. Any help I can get would be super appreciated. Thanks, all.
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Les Feux d'Artifice live on Amazon UK [02 Jul 2010|02:51pm]
Hi dear Rufus lovers,
I found this on Amazon co uk. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Les-Feux-DArtifice-TAppellent/dp/B003CIZ2W8
Unfortunately I live in the Netherlands and it does not let me download/buy the track.
Is anybody willing to share. I would love to have it and tried to buy it but Amazon does not let me...
Hope to here from you in the Grey Gardens.
Best regards,


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Moulin Rouge French version [08 Jun 2010|03:07pm]
Went to see Rufus in Carre Amsterdam last week and he was fabulous.
He sang "Complainte de la Butte" in French ( without the english parts ) I know this song was released on the '4 chansons inedites' disc in France. It was called Moulin Rouge then.
Would love to have the fully French version of the song. ( NOT the one from the Moulin Rouge soundtrack )
Hope somebody can help me out. Take care, JJ
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Outtakes? [05 May 2010|08:40pm]


Hello you lovely people,

Does anybody know if there are any studio outtakes available out there in the ether?

With six studio albums under his belt, I would have thought that there might be quite a few outtakes or alternative versions of songs hidden deep in the vaults. I've always enjoyed hearing how songs develop and get refined during the recording process, plus the occasional bits of chat between the artist and the band and producer etc.

Do you perhaps have a few gems that you could share?

Many thanks


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[request] Rufus Does Judy [26 Apr 2010|01:05am]

Could someone upload the "Rufus Does Judy" live CD album in full? Thank you so much!

Edit: Oh, and "Milwaukee At Last" too?
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All Days Are Nights: Songs For Lulu [15 Apr 2010|12:21am]

Hi guys,
I had the honour of listening to the new Rufus Wainwright album last week, so I reviewed it. I just started a music blog, it can be found here: http://mudpiemusic.tumblr.com/

I'll probably do an interview with Rufus Wainwright in 2 weeks, that will also be posted in the blog in May. New pictures will follow as well.

I hope it will give you some insight, early on. Check out the blog, it will be interesting. I'll soon feature exclusive interviews with Tori Amos, Jamie Cullum and Prodigy; I did those interviews in 2009 and they've only been released in an Austrian magazine so far.

Sandra :)
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old Rufus interview/music program [20 Mar 2010|06:17am]

I used to have an old Rufus interview from an NPR program I think called "Open Road" and it was from when Want One was coming out (most likely from 2003) and Rufus was interviewed plus also previewed the album and played some songs by other artists (including family members). Anyway, he was really funny during the program and I no longer have it on my computer. So if anyone knows what this is and has it, could you please upload it for me? Thanks!
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[19 Jan 2010|01:33pm]

R.I.P. Kate McGarrigle! Pooor Rufus!! I can only imagine what he's going through right now!! = ( She was a very talented woman and I loved when the family would get together and sing! Amazing! I hope Rufus will still be able to sing this year. I'm supposed to see him in concert in 3 weeks, but I doubt he will still do that. We'll see. Hope things get better for him soon. At least he has a nice strong, supportive family to help get him through this rough time.
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Amazon bonus track [22 Sep 2009|09:08pm]

[ mood | sad ]

Can someone post up the free "I Don't Know What It Is" track from amazon? I'm in Canada and it's not available outside the US.

link here: http://www.amazon.com/I-Dont-Know-What/dp/B002OURGAQ?ref_=pe_19690_13126990

It would be dearly appreciated ♥

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Just a Quick Question [14 Sep 2009|10:47pm]

Does anybody know when Rufus might be touring with his band again? I've been to a few solo shows and I love them, but I LOVE when he sings with the band! ALWAYS a great show! I haven't seen him with the band since his Release the Stars tour in '07. Do you think he will be doing this anytime soon?? Just wondering.
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Rufus Prima Donna Aria [12 Aug 2009|05:52pm]
Here's an mp3 of Rufus singing his aria "Le feux d'artifice t'appellent": http://www.savefile.com/files/2178914

Also an mp3 of the Alan Yentob's Imagine series, the BBC documentary featuring Rufus and family members: http://www.savefile.com/files/2178048
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Icons missing makers [11 Aug 2009|05:14am]

Hi! I have a couple of Rufus Wainwright icons that I accidentally saved without usernames awhile ago, and I was wondering if anyone here could identify the maker(s):

1. 2.

Any help would be appreciated!

x-posted to rufus_fans.

(I'm sorry if this is against the rules, I wasn't sure; I think that icons count as media, and I'm not sure where else I could ask about this. If it's not allowed then please tell me and I'll remove it.)
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[10 Aug 2009|08:02am]


Does anyone have audio of Prima Donna?!?!

All I can find so far is this:

and am desperate for more!!!!!!!

alternately, i don't know how to unpack torrents....i know i know....people have showed me how and it's just not in me for the current time period (i don't know why)....
there is this:

which i've downloaded and stumbled around unsuccessfully....if someone could unpack and upload in mp3 or the like?

:) :) :)
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New Interview w/Rufus [09 Apr 2009|03:10pm]

Title: Rufus Wainwright Interview: Exclusive! His Debut Opera "Prima Donna" Is Coming!


I am excited for this! I don't usually like operas but if Rufus is there, I'm in.
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Willie Moore mp3 [02 Apr 2009|02:24pm]
For anyone interested, here's a live duet Rufus sang with Kate from the Elvis Costello show, "Spectacle: Elvis Costello With...." from 2008. The sound quality is pretty good.
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... [15 Mar 2009|10:16pm]


Anyone know where online I can watch the 'All I Want' dvd? I can't seem to find it on youtube and I left my copy in a different city.

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Wonderful/Song For Children [05 Mar 2009|12:02am]

Hellloooo fellow Rufus lovers!

Does anybody have Rufus' new cover "Wonderful/ Song For Children"? (and maybe other songs off that album as well?) Or any other new Rufus songs? I LOOOOOVE all of his songs, but I have most of his older ones and am looking for new ones! So if you have any, that would be greattt!

And if you ever want anything, let me know. I might have it = )


I loooove him!!! = D
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A New Kind of Rufus Music [15 Dec 2008|02:38pm]


Hello again,

Does anybody have any Rufus sheet music?? If so, does anybody have "Little Sister"? I've started playing some of his songs by ear, but it would also be nice to have sheet music as well.


  Hehe love this! Love himmm!!!
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Good Rufus Music for Studying [09 Dec 2008|12:15am]


Sooo it's that horrible time of year when college students cram for finals they could have started studying for weeks ago, but didn't feel like it, so they put it off to the last minute and stay up all night trying to retain as much info as possible before their brains burst! Yup, finals start tomorrow....and I usually like to listen to music while studying because it helps me relax and makes studying more bearable. I was wondering if you guys had any good Rufus songs to study to. Any good rarities or concerts? Or suggestions on any good studying music would work too. I always like finding new music to study to. Especially when I don't know the words so I won't be tempted to sing along. Hehe


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Careless Whisper! = ) [04 Dec 2008|01:15pm]


I have two different versions of Rufus and Ben Fold's version of 'Careless Whisper' if anybody wants them.

The first is from Wolf Trap '04  http://www.sendspace.com/file/0ldnnl

And the other is from Summerstage  '04. http://www.sendspace.com/file/xrgabm

The Summerstage one is funny. They talk a little before and after.

Actually, after listening to them again, I think I do like Summerstage better. I just

Hmm just see what you think.


(I really like this picture. I think it's coool)

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